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The Problem with Social Interaction on Websites - Bringing Back Authenticity

- Thursday, March 03, 2011 |

Building engaging interfaces is not easy. The list of priorities starts with usability issues and finishes with the difficulties of creating an experience through form and functionality.

Over the past few years a new challenge sprung from the maturation of tools and apps that enable sharing, user feedback and other forms of mediated interaction - generally called "social media". Integrating social media in websites was similar to introducing casual Fridays in the corporate world: steering up controversy first, but ending up doing business in jeans. Today, social interaction is amplified (viral and mass communication) as well as simplified (reduced to simple auto-fill share buttons), but this type of solution is not always the best in using technology to encourage authentic interaction and engagement.

This post presents multiple solutions to effectively use social expression in ways that are mutually beneficial, engaging and genuine.

Social Media & Marketing
Photo by: Rosaura Ochoa
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Go Beyond Scalable Websites, Learn How to Create Scalable Technology Businesses

- Wednesday, February 23, 2011 |

Define success. Imagine the steps you have to take to get there. Multiply that by the number of clients you want to work with by the end of the year and see if your plan is still viable. Success is tightly connected to scalability, a term equally familiar to systems engineers and to entrepreneurs. Scales are not just about measurable units, but also about brands, products, processes and teams managed for growth before the need to scale up becomes overwhelming. This week's post is about scalability for businesses, not just websites.

Photo by: Z33 Art Center
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Persuasive Web Design: How to Persuade the User with Usability, Copy and More

- Friday, January 14, 2011 |

Is usability a persuasive element in UX Design? To what degree does usability account for an online business' success? What guidelines exist in design for creating usable and captivating interfaces? This post provides a few useful answers to the questions above, answers that will be useful as general guidelines for one to keep in mind whether working on larger web projects or smaller ones. 

Have your UX cake, and eat it too! November wallpaper from @smashingmagazine #ux #usability #design #cake
Photo by: Witflow, an UX & Usability Studio from Poland
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UX Design - Made by People, for People Infographic

- Tuesday, December 21, 2010 |

Experience. We love it, we talk about it, we criticize it, we crave it and we sell it. Is experience more of a modern currency or something beyond that, more profoundly attached to how people live and act in a global online marketplace?

User experience in web design starts with real people and grows from there - not only the people who are customers, but also the people who are involved in the process of building a website. There is an interesting blend of knowledge, goals and ideas that go into the process of designing for the best user experience. Throughout this post we will talk about three major components that go into designing great experiences.

Since user experience is the end result of and encompasses all parts of the creative process, we have designed this awesome infographic to illustrate and explain what is involved when creating the best user experience. The infographic can be useful to both businesses and creatives for a detailed look at the components that make up UX design.

Infographic: UX Design - Made by People for People (click to download and view larger)
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The Creative Flow in a Web Design Studio

- Thursday, December 09, 2010 |

What does it take for a group of people to be an awesome team? What does the team need to be so immersed in the project, so that everything flows perfectly when working on projects? More exactly, what makes a great web design studio vibrant with energy and personality?

In creative web design agencies there is an interesting sequence of ideas, solutions and decisions, that we call the creative flow. It is fueled by the interaction between clients and the creative team, as well as by each member's participation in the project. The creative flow becomes richer and more resourceful, when everybody around you is excited. 

timetable worries
Photo by: Julia
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