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Velora Newsletter | October, 28th 2010


Wow, October is almost over already. This year has been flying by. We will be making some announcements soon and in the next newsletter about some exciting internal projects we have been working on. This month we will share an inspiring interview with Charis Tsevis as well as talk about how you can create things that inspire people. 

The Art of Inspiring People

Nature: textures, shapes, light, shadows, perspective and patterns. As a designer you learn how to use them so that you re-create your own version of beautiful complexity. But the question that fascinates us is - how can you draw inspiration from nature so that your work will inspire other people too, years from now?

Continued below after the interview...

Designer Spotlight Interview:

Charis Tsevis

The Enchanting Photomosaic Artist and Visual Designer

Learn more about Charis Tsevis on his website:

V: If you only had 3 Tweets to share your experience, knowledge and ideas with the whole world, what would you tweet?

Charis: Only 3? That's a tough one... OK. I'll try:
-Studying seems so boring when you're young but you're so going to regret lost time getting older.
-Traveling and getting in touch with people is like taking university classes.
-Being passionate about something makes everything so easy.

V: What is Tsevis Visual Design? What is the story of your studio?

Charis: It's my personal studio and my creative shelter. Once I wanted to make it big, to grow in numbers and staff. But this just made me more of a manager rather than a designer. By filtering out the less exciting projects, I am now more involved in the creative process and Tsevis Visual Design has managed to become a smaller team that dedicates loads of love to exciting projects.

V: Tell us a little bit about the most interesting project you ever worked on...

Charis: I have been blessed to work on some really interesting projects. I loved working on the Steve Jobs portraits but i've also enjoyed working with great teams like the Saatchi LA team for Toyota NASCAR racing team or the Swedish group at IKEA. If I had to chose the single most interesting project I would probably say the Barack Obama mosaic portraits. These were created without a client or a brief. They started in late 2007 as being part of an international grassroots movement for a new face and approach in politics and in design.

V: Our readers would love to know when and how you started to do this; when did you first discover your skills and talent? Is it all about practice, passion or something else?

Charis: I started to draw early in life and I also developed a passion for printed paper at the age of 5. It's difficult to explain why, but I always loved the smell of ink and paper. So I was painting, like all children, but I would fold my paintings into magazines and I would sell them to my parents. :-) They tried to make me an engineer or a teacher but I couldn't help becoming a visual designer. Actually there is a part of me that works as an engineer and I am also teach at an Art College in everybody is happy.

V: In your latest Illustrations Experiment - The Colors of Basketball - you use a very different and intriguing technique. Your works are vibrant, with a certain 3D and dynamic look. Will you experiment with 3D photography too?

Charis: That's a nice idea. Why not? The 3rd dimension is something I always like to consider. This series is actually based on an old love of mine, the Futurism movement and the color theories of my old professor Augusto Garau in Milan. His "continuum cromaticum" is behind this work as well as the Gestalt theory of human perception of the three dimensional space.

Hey, that was a great interview! Thanks Charis and keep in touch!

Monthly Design Tip:

Photoshop Tip: When you are drawing shapes in Adobe Photoshop did you notice how sometimes they aren't exactly locked into the pixel grid and their edges and strokes can look blurry? To fix this click the shape drop down options and check off "Snap to Pixels". Now you will have a nice clean shape.


Become Inspiring to Everyone

ASPIRE TO HIGHER QUALITY EVERYTHING - Do you know what makes exceptional people stand out? The very fact that they are exceptional. So deliver nothing less than the best of your services and you will be a role-model.

MAKE A STATEMENT - Don't just rely on pixel-perfect design. Use the most powerful message to reach your audience and even beyond that. Use the most imaginative combination of meaningful visual content and a powerful thought provoking concept.

DECIDE FOR YOURSELF - You are inspiring when you are fully aware of your skills, talent and vision. Strong characters are not happy with succesful accomplishments. They will always be working on a lifetime masterpiece.

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Until next time -
Be Brilliant!

The Velora Studios Team

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